HeartDoc Andrew for President

Campaign Platform: "Always say that "I am wonderfully hungry" in **all** ways including especially caring to 'convince it forward.'"

A Journalist-led Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv89xuLjFAI&t

Anticipated Terrible Misbehavior by the Terribly Hungry: http://investigations.blog.ajc.com/2016/08/04/wonderfully-hungry-doc-suspended-by-medical-board/

Terrible Misbehavior by a Terribly Hungry Psychiatrist: Dr. Gary Weichbrodt

Bottom line: America really needs a wonderfully hungry President to lead by example how to stop the terrible misbehavior of the terribly hungry.

Actually, Dr. Chung is an American-born Chinese (i.e. Chinese-American) male as is relevant to the context of this campaign to become elected President of the United States. Dr. GW, the terribly hungry psychiatrist, has unwittingly outed himself as a racist (i.e. someone suffering from the delusion that they're racially superior when in fact we are all members of the same race, which is the human race) as evident by his doing what is analogous to calling President Barack Obama a Kenyan male. The terribly hungry really cannot help themselves but misbehave terribly as in the example of this case with Dr. Dubya being a racist. Yes, the only healthy way to stop the delusion of racism is by being wonderfully hungry, which means behaving wonderfully, thereby exposing the delusion(s) behind terrible misbehavior that all are witnessing here coming from Dr. Dubya because of his being terribly hungry.

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