Parable of the Smart Cow

Once upon a time there was a cow that was sent to the feed lot because her farmer owner decided it was time for her to be slaughtered for meat in a few weeks.

There she saw other cows staggering about with hooded eyes and some even falling down and subsequently being put down.

"This is not good," she thought to herself.

She saw and understood that the troughs at the feed lot were kept perpetually filled with corn so that the other cows were eating until they were no longer hungry.

"They are eating too much," she realized.

She then went to the trough and proceeded to set aside an amount of corn that approximated what she recalled her farmer owner had been feeding her before he had sent her to this feed lot and she only ate this set amount daily thereby staying hungry and healthy while watching the others become unhealthy from gaining hundreds of pounds.

When the feed lot owner came around to check on her a few weeks later, he realized there was a problem because there had been no weight gain. Summoning the farmer owner, they both watched and were amazed at the intelligence of the cow.

"She is smarter than my hunting dogs," observes the farmer owner.

"Her meat is going to be tough and you will not be paid much for her," opines the feed lot owner.

"In that case, I am taking her home because she will be worth more alive than dead. My children have been wanting a cow to keep as a pet and this one will be smart enough to make having her around worthwhile. I will call her Bessie."

After saying this, the farmer owner led Bessie home where she served as a milk cow and family pet. The last report that we have is that she saved the family from death by rousing them from sleep in the middle of the night when their house had caught fire.

Author: Not known to the world.

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