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Projects by our Members:

Volunteer The Annual Atlanta West Women's Center Health Fair is a continuation of a project organized by Jaswant Chaddha in 1997 to promote the wellness of women in the west Atlanta community. Many Foundation members have served as volunteers in the past for this ongoing project.

Conflict Resolution Seminars are conducted by our president, Gary Greene, to help community service organizations overcome their internal difficulties.

HeartMDPhD.com is an ongoing project run by Andrew Chung since 1995 that provides medical information to on-line visitors with 100% of proceeds becoming donations to various selected charitable organizations including The Wellness Foundation, Inc.

Team Samaritan Project is an ongoing project started by the Foundation in 2007 in anticipating the Pan-Flu and the need to organize and coordinate survivors to help others in the community who may not otherwise be able to survive the Pan-Flu.

TheHealthFair.com is an ongoing project started by the Foundation in 2005 to promote the "Go Red" initiative of the American Heart Association along with helping people achieve health, fitness, and wellness.

The Annual Lion's Club Women's "Lifestyles for Today's Woman" conference is an ambitious project organized by the East Cobb Lion's Club that has received support from the Wellness Foundation, Inc. The latest one was at the Marietta Conference Center on 4/2/2005.

Seminar "Stump the Doctors" is a medical town hall meeting where the public is invited to see presentations by health professionals about health problems that threaten community wellness. Attendees may ask questions and receive candid answers from an assembled panel of community doctors. This is being organized by Jaswant Chaddha to improve wellness through better doctor-patient communication and better community awareness of important health issues (time and venue to be announced).

"2PD-OMER Approach" The 2PD-OMER Approach was developed and published by Andrew Chung in 1998 to freely help people to safely and permanently lose weight.

Wellness Heart Walk with Cardiologist Andrew Chung, MD/PhD, who helps people maximize the cardiovascular benefits of walking on the Silver Comet Trail.

Wellness Seminars are conducted by our health professionals who volunteer to educate the general public for free about health, fitness, and wellness. These have been conducted at schools, churches, banks, malls, libraries, and at health fairs including those described above.

Wellness Taiji Exercise Class taught by a local Taiji expert, Kalila King, sponsored by the Wellness Foundation, Inc. Click here for a PDF of the flyer for this class.

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