Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD

Emory's Cardiologist

Dr. Chung is a cardiologist who has established since 2001 a highly unique private cardiology practice in Atlanta, Georgia that successfully combines the latest innovations including proprietary electronic medical records (EMR) software, high tech cardiac testing equipment, the latest advances in cardiac medicine, and a strong virtual presence on the Web with a compassionate approach toward providing cardiac care. A 1986 PSP alumnus of GA Tech, he has completed both a cardiology fellowship in Emory University's Division of Cardiology and a clinical research fellowship in the Division of Hypertension.

A 1993 graduate of Emory's MD/PhD Program (a.k.a. MSTP), his research interests are in hypertension and cardiovascular disease. For his PhD dissertation research in human genetics, Dr. Chung worked with Dr. Douglas C. Wallace, Ph.D., discoverer of the first human disease caused by a genetic defect in mitochondria, and initiator of the "Eve hypothesis".

Upon also receiving his MD degree in 1994, he affirmed the Hippocratic Oath along with his fellow medical school graduates. Dr. Chung sees medicine as a calling and serving as a physician a privilege. For his clinical research in essential hypertension in 1997 as an American Society of Hypertension (ASH) Research Fellow, Dr. Chung worked with Dr. W. Dallas Hall, M.D. who was at the time director of Emory's Division of Hypertension.

Board-certified in internal medicine in 1997 and cardiology in 2002, Dr. Chung sees patients in a private practice cardiology clinic setting and is also actively involved in cardiovascular disease research. He has received research grants from the American Society of Hypertension, the Joseph T. Thompson Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. He was also offered an overlapping research grant award from the American Heart Association to support his work in cardiovascular disease. Dr. Chung's CV was last updated on 02/26/2015. Instead of resting on scholarly laurels, his priority is to provide the highest quality state-of-the-art cardiac care as a personal heart advocate for patients.

In his spare time since 1996, Dr. Chung frequently participates in on-line discussions on USENET newsgroups to inform people on all matters of the heart. He also likes to go out with his beloved wife to catch new movies and play video arcade games. Their favorite movies include While You Were Sleeping and The Net starring their favorite actress, Sandra Bullock and A Walk in the Clouds starring their favorite actor Keanu Reeves.

They also have a few rambunctious birds, two rescued from abandonment and injury in the wild as chicks and hand-fed until grown. There are two european starlings and one cockatiel. They all talk. These birds sleep during the night in cages custom built by Dr. Chung.

Baldy is the eldest bird and had internal injuries when rescued. Dr. Chung and his beloved wife stayed up several nights in a row to nurse her back to health. Baldy makes a great imitation of the telephone ringing which has made guests answer the phone on more than one occasion. Then he will laugh. If there are no guests, Baldy will feign answering the phone himself and then will proceed to talk to himself. Cassie also has an extensive speech repertoire but uses it primarily to get Baldy in trouble.

Then there is Earl, a pearl cockatiel, who also talks. The starlings like to bathe in the bathtub. Earl prefers to be misted. When it is around bathing time, they will take turns as their names are called one by one to fly to Dr. Chung so that he can lower them into the bathtub to splash around.

Dr. Chung's Personal Favorites:

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