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Overeating is simply terrible for our heart along with the rest of our body. This is because eating until we are full (no longer hungry) results in the formation of bad internal fat (a.k.a. that bad inside fat, which makes us look a bit pregnant when we are not). The medical term for this is visceral adipose tissue (VAT or intraabdominal obesity). Oozing from this harmful VAT, there are many poisons that cause inflammation to occur throughout our body especially in our blood vessels. All blood vessels, joints, muscles, and organs are damaged by this process. The medical term for these poisons is pro-inflammatory adipocytokines (PIACs). Our body is essentially being destroyed by a constant state of internal civil war when these PIACs are around so that we have aches and pains, our blood pressure is up and down (more up than down), we have trouble either concentrating or remembering things, we have difficulty sleeping, our cholesterol is elevated, and we are starting to have type-2 diabetes (or already have it along with heart disease). There is reason to think that they actually cause **all** acquired diseases including mental illnesses along with all the other chronic "pre-existing conditions" that make us more susceptible to dying from more acute diseases such as COVID-19 now.

Yes, we now know it is wrong for us to overeat (eat until we are no longer hungry) and yet we keep doing it. This is a compulsion because we are doing something that we know to be harmful. Yes, this is also a loss of free mental choice. When there is a loss of free mental choice, we can pretty much forget about being able to get out of trouble especially when we essentially live in a feed lot.

If you are also smoking tobacco products to kill your hunger in order to keep from overeating, you will also need to learn what is required to stop smoking in order to become healthier (hungrier) to lose the VAT.

Please consider using the following script to do homework that will help your mind overcome the compulsion to overeat. You have my permission to freely copy this web page without any modification for personal use or to direct others to this page so that they may also receive help.

Part A -- Easy
Mission: Informing folks that hunger is wonderful while guarding the heart the first way.

Neighbor (standard southern greeting): "How are you?"

You (smiling): "I am wonderfully hungry and hope you also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you?"

Part B -- Challenging
Mission: Convince your neighbor that you are not crazy and that being hungry is indeed wonderful.

Neighbor (thinking you are crazy): "Why is being hungry wonderful?"

(Alternate expressions of disbelief would be "Say what?!?!" or "Then why aren't you stopping everything to go eat?")

You (earnestly): "Because my heart doctor has taught me that only when we are hungry (stomach singing and laughing out loud) does our bodies burn up the terribly bad inside VAT that makes us look a bit pregnant when we are not and is hurting us by causing inflammation everywhere so that our bodies fall apart. Indeed, because of this terribly bad inside VAT, I have been having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and arthritis so that I hurt all over."

(This works to convince your neighbor that you are not crazy because crazy people neither see heart doctors nor do they learn from being taught. Your neighbor will likely also discover that you both share medical problems thereby building a rapport as s/he becomes convinced that being hungry is indeed wonderful because it is the only way to lose the bad inside fat and that s/he wants to learn how to become hungrier.)

Neighbor: "How do I become that hungry?"

You: "By guarding the body by holding to the right amount of daily food."

Neighbor: "What is the right amount?"

You: "The right amount of daily food is 32 ounces."

Neighbor: "How was that figured out?"

You: "No figuring out, we weigh each meal with a food scale and stop eating when we get to 32 ounces. This is known as the 2PD-OMER Approach."

Neighbor: "Where can we get a food scale?"

You: "Department stores sell them in their housewares section. The portable digital ones are the easiest and most fun to use. However the other thing we must keep doing is saying 'wonderfully hungry' whenever we are greeted by others. Let's try this with my greeting you. How are you???"

Neighbor: "Wonderfully hungry."

You: "That was not easy because your mind had to go against your heart. In our heart, none of us want to be hungry much less hungrier so that we can never believe it's wonderful. Though saying 'wonderfully hungry' does feel like we are lying, it isn't because we know for a fact that it's wonderful just as we know for a fact that having an appetite is healthy. Having an appetite is being hungry and being healthy is wonderful."

Part C - Bonus
Mission: Get your neighbor to laugh by showing him/her where the problem is, while guarding the heart the second way.

Neighbor: "Thank you for teaching me what your heart doctor taught you. Good bye."

You: "Laus Deo!"

Neighbor: You too!

You: "Be hungry."

Neighbor: (Laughs and smiles upon realizing that the problem resides in the heart and will need to do as you are doing to become absolutely convinced in the mind that "hunger is wonderful" to overcome the compulsion to overeat while waiting for the necessary "change of heart" that will depend on GOD) "Wait a minute. Come back here. Where can I find your heart doctor?"

You: "Everything he teaches is on-line on the Internet."

Neighbor: "Where?"

You: "Search for WDJW"

Neighbor: "What would Jesus do?"

You: "No. What does Jesus want. Here let me write it down for you."

Neighbor: "Is your heart doctor Jesus?"

You: "No, his name is Andrew."

Neighbor: "He is the first disciple Andrew?"

You: "No, the first disciple Andrew was Jewish. HeartDoc Andrew is American-born Chinese and is a 2016 & upwards write-in candidate for U.S. President!"

Neighbor: "What does this have to do with Jesus?"

You: "Jesus is my Heart Surgeon!"

Neighbor: "What kind of heart surgery does Jesus do?"

You: "Jesus is able to cut out that lie that 'hunger is starvation' ! ! !"

Know that the more convinced you become, the more convincing you will be. It is after you become absolutely convinced in your mind that hunger is wonderful that the time becomes right for GOD to give you that "change of heart" which will make everything in your life more right. When HE does, it will be your responsibility to guard your heart from being trashed again by those who remain deluded.

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