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Emory HospitalGood morning!

This is my personal tribute to an institution at the forefront in bringing about new developments in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. As these pathological entities become better understood in terms of molecular and cellular biology, diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative cardiology approaches will change dramatically in coming years. I anticipate that the Emory Division of Cardiology will remain at the cutting edge by recruiting and retaining internationally recognized experts. Of particular note is their track record in clinical cardiology established by Drs. R. Bruce Logue and J. Willis Hurst; in interventional cardiology established by Dr. Andreas Gruentzig and as led by Dr. John Douglas; and in vascular biology and medicine by the research group established by Dr. R. Wayne Alexander in 1988.

Notably, Emory investigators completed the landmark COURAGE Trial under the leadership of Dr. Bill Weintraub that has changed the practice of cardiology in America. Laus Deo :-)

Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
Emory's IMVC.org Cardiologist
Author of Be Hungry (now in its second printing!)
John 15:13 <><

General Information
Overview of Emory Cardiology and its various components. Here you will find links to a personal welcome, campus map, directions, transportation guides from within Atlanta and around the country and a calendar of scheduled events.
Clinical Sections
Overview of the clinical sections within Emory Cardiology.
Research Areas
Overview of the research areas currently under investigation by Emory Cardiology faculty .
Emory Center for Outcomes Research
Information about Cardiovascular Epidemiology.
Emory Heart and Vascular Center
Information about the Emory Heart and Vascular Center with links to Emory's popular HeartWise Risk Reduction Program (preventative cardiology).
Emory Center for Heart Failure Therapy
Information about the Center for Heart Failure Therapy.

Note: This is the unofficial web tribute to Emory Cardiology that has been put together as a token of gratitude for the exceptional training that Dr. Chung had received as a cardiology fellow (1997-2001).

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