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The Woodruff Library        The information in these non-commercial web pages is maintained by Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD, who constructed the web site as a favor to Emory Division of Cardiology and Emory University in 1998 and has since maintained this unofficial web site as a tribute to Emory Cardiology after he completed his cardiology fellowship training in June 2001. Many of the graphics files and photos are also his original creations. While he tries to keep the information as accurate as possible, Dr. Chung disclaims any implied warranty or representation about its accuracy or completeness, or appropriateness for a particular purpose. You assume full responsibility for using the information herein, and by reading this you understand and agree that Dr. Chung is neither responsible nor liable for any claim, loss, or damage resulting from its use. The mention of specific products or services at this site does not constitute or imply a recommendation or endorsement by Dr. Chung, Emory Cardiology or its affiliates, unless so explicitly stated. All trademarks, copyrights, and corporate logos revert to their respective owners.

       Aside from hardcopy prints for personal use, no part of these web pages may be reproduced, transmitted, distributed, sold, or displayed without prior written approval.

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Note: This is the unofficial web tribute to Emory Cardiology that has been put together as a token of gratitude for the exceptional training that Dr. Chung had received as a cardiology fellow (1997-2001).

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