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The EUH The Emory Center for Heart Failure Therapy is an outpatient center located on the fifth floor of Emory University Hospital. The center which opened in 1993, stemmed from one of the nation's most successful heart transplant programs. Over 200 adult cardiac transplants have been performed since 1988 with a one-year survival rate over 92%.

The Emory Center for Heart Failure Therapy provides state-of- the-art evaluation and therapy for patients with problems ranging from asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction to end stage congestive heart failure. The Center has ready accessibility to hospital cardiac services and provides centralized care for patients who have various stages of heart failure.

The medical team in the Center for Heart Failure Therapy provides the most advanced therapy to improve function and prolong life for patients with heart failure and has tremendous experience and expertise in caring for these patients. Comprehensive evaluation and treatment include standard medical therapy, FDA approved investigational drug therapy trials, cardiac catheterization, evaluation for cardiac surgery, and in select patients, cardiac transplantation.
In an effort to reduce the number of hospitalizations, the center emphasizes educating patients in how to care for themselves and when to call their physicians. Nurse coordinators are dedicated to working with patients and their families in the center and by telephone to answer questions and offer assistance.

Patient referrals from physicians to the center may be made by calling (404)--712-7967 directly, or by calling the Emory Heart Center 24-hour Transfer Service at 1-800--43-HEART or (404)--778-4930. The center fax number is (404) --712-5940.
The staff is committed to working with referring physicians to assist them in any way in providing the highest quality of care for their patients.

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Note: This is the unofficial web tribute to Emory Cardiology that has been put together as a token of gratitude for the exceptional training that Dr. Chung had received as a cardiology fellow (1997-2001).

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