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Emory Gate Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Emory University is recognized worldwide for clinical excellence in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The composition of the faculty and fellows reflects this commitment to clinical cardiology, and clinical excellence remains a strength of the institution today. In recent years, Emory has risen to national prominence in basic and clinical research in cardiovascular diseases, making major contributions in the areas of vascular biology, thrombosis and coagulation disorders, cardiovascular physiology, atherosclerosis and hypertension, and lipid disorders.

       Atlanta has become a major center for biomedical research. Emory is located down the street from the national headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the American Cancer Society. Close to the campus is Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center, one of seven regional primate centers sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Emory researchers frequently interact with these institutions, working together to develop new treatment modalities for diseases and other health problems.

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Note: This is the unofficial web tribute to Emory Cardiology that has been put together as a token of gratitude for the exceptional training that Dr. Chung had received as a cardiology fellow (1997-2001).

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