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The Chapel Pictured here next to the Emory Quadrangle is the Chapel.

These and other views such as the Carlos museum allow a setting for reflection and introspection.

There are very few other places in and around Atlanta where one may get a chance to find such solace.

Emory Division of Cardiology -- Cardiology-Division-L@listserv.cc.emory.edu
Division-wide announcements.
Emory Cardiology Faculty -- Cardiology-L
Announcements exclusively for Emory Cardiology faculty.
Emory Division of Cardiology WMB group -- Cardiology-WMB-L
Exclusively for cardiology faculty, fellows, and staff working at the Woodruff Memorial Research Building. Receive the latest announcements about shared research equipment, reagents, computer network backup times and more..
Emory Cardiology Vascular Biology Research Consortium -- EVBRC
For investigators interested in the latest research developments in vascular biology. Receive the latest announcements about symposiums and seminars on this topic and the Reactive Oxygen Species group.
Emory Cardiology Clinical Fellows -- Clinical-Fellows-L
Announcements exclusively for clinical cardiology fellows.
Emory Cardiology Research Fellows -- Research-Fellows-L
Announcements exclusively for post-doctoral research fellows.
Emory Cardiology Fellowship Program -- Cardiology-Fellowship-L
Announcements exclusively for those involved with the fellowship program.
Emory Cardiology KKG Lab News -- KKG-L
Exclusively for announcements internal to the research labs of Alexander and Griendling.
Emory Cardiology Web Development Team -- Emory-CardioWeb-L
Announcements concerning the latest with Cardiology web projects.

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Note: This is the unofficial web tribute to Emory Cardiology that has been put together as a token of gratitude for the exceptional training that Dr. Chung had received as a cardiology fellow (1997-2001).

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