On Being a Physician

Whoever applies himself to Medicine should seriously weigh the following considerations: first, that he will one day have to render an account to the Supreme Judge of the lives of sick persons committed to his care. Next, whatever skill or knowledge he may, by the divine favour, become possessed of, should be devoted above all things to the glory of GOD, and the welfare of the human race. Moreover, let him remember that it is not any base or despicable creature of which he has undertaken the care. For the only-begotten Son of GOD, by becoming man, recognised the value of the human race and ennobled by His own dignity the nature He assumed. Finally, the physician should bear in mind that he himself is not exempt from the common lot, but subject to the same laws of mortality and disease as others, and he will care for the sick with more diligence and tenderness if he remembers that he himself is their fellow sufferer.

Methodus Curandi Febres, 1666

Thomas Sydenham was an English physician, 1624-1689. He is known for first describing the chorea associated with acute rheumatic fever.

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