HeartDoc Andrew for President

Campaign Platform: "Always say that "I am wonderfully hungry" in **all** ways including especially caring to 'convince it forward.'"

A Journalist-led Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv89xuLjFAI&t

Anticipated Terrible Misbehavior by the Terribly Hungry: http://investigations.blog.ajc.com/2016/08/04/wonderfully-hungry-doc-suspended-by-medical-board/

Terrible Misbehavior by a Terribly Hungry Psychiatrist: Dr. Gary Weichbrodt

Bottom line: America really needs a wonderfully hungry President to lead by example how to stop the terrible misbehavior of the terribly hungry.

HeartDoc Andrew has the loving (i.e she's not paid as evident by her not seeing the $200,000.00 coming in from his practice) support of his wife, a behavioral psychologist as noted in the report, which is infinitely better than anything that the "Ridgeview Evaluation Team" can either advise or provide. Indeed, she has already essentially stated as written in this report that her husband is neither delusional nor afflicted with any personality disorder ("No DSM features"). Moreover, Dr. Dubya's failure to heed the pre-existing consultation of a behavioral psychologist (i.e. Dr. Chung's wife), who has known HeartDoc Andrew for more than 26 years, as evident here by his misdiagnoses, because she is a Taiwanese-born American is additional evidence that he is severely impaired by his terrible delusion of racial superiority.

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