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Since this cardiology web site has come on-line in 1995, LORD Jesus Christ has deservedly received all the thanks, praise, and glory of your tremendous feedback. What is unique about this medical information portal is that unlike most of the other medical sites on the Internet, there really are no commercial sponsors. Cardiac information is provided objectively without conflict of interest by a real cardiologist (who sees real patients and has credentials readily verifiable on-line) rather than a news bureau. This site has no advertisers and does not collect any cookies. The maintenance of is performed by a practicing cardiologist instead of a team of programmers who would not be ethically bound to respect your confidentiality. Here, you have the assurance that your privacy will always remain paramount. The mission of this web site has been and will remain altruistic. This is a worldwide reputation that glorifies LORD Jesus Christ, Whom I love with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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You may have come across these pages looking for examples of web use in medicine. If this is the case, your next stop should be the slide presentation on this topic which was an actual talk given in 1996 to the physicians working at Grady Hospital, the large 1000 bed Atlanta hospital and level I trauma center where we were blessed with the opportunity to care for the victims of the infamous Olympic bombing allegedly by Eric Rudolph in Atlanta in 1996.

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